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We are South Texas' most respected training destination for those looking to take their Early childhood education skills from basic to advanced. We provide more than just the required hours needed by Texas as continuing educatonal credits, we provide the true skills to excel in your profession and take on the challenges to be the best instructor that you can be for the future of Texas and the United States.

New Seminar Scheduled

We are pleased to debut are newest seminar "Love, Respect and Kindness: Growing Hand in Hand" to Austin on October 11th, El Paso on October 18th and Dallas October 25th. This seminar focuses on some of the more interpersonal aspects of our students' lives such as their social responsibilities is dealing with each other and developing responsible behaviors. Learn more about this seminar by going to our shopping cart.

In Beaumont our "Infants and Toddlers-Play to Learn, Learn to Love" seminar will arrive September 27th, bringing such diverse topics such as tailoring education for the very young learners, helping solve disciplinary issues, using music for more than just entertainment and increasing parent involvement.

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New EBook now available!

We are happy to announce that our latest book "Taking Care of Me: Reducing Stress in Childcare" is now available. It discusses the areas of stress in a childcare environment and how it effects our bodies. Many good strategies are there to help make our daily lives easier and happier.

Have you tried Onsite Training?

We at Pierce Training Institute understand the importance of quality training to ensure that all staff are equipped with the tools that are needed to provide quality care and education to the children they provide care to. We love working with facilities and home providers to bring them unique educational experiences that fit their needs. We can provide quality onsite training at your facility while working within your budget. Let us know what budget you can work in and be amazed at what we can provide for you!